My Jaaxy Opinion

Disclaimer:  While I still think Jaaxy is a great product, I don’t use it on a consistent basis and I no longer maintain an ongoing subscription.  If I feel the need to use it then I will pay for a one month subscription and cancel the subscription if I’m not actively using it.

Hey, it’s Thomas.  Today I’m going to be talking about Jaaxy.

I’ve been using Jaaxy since September 2011.  Well, I guess I should qualify that statement, I’ve been a subscriber paying for it’s service since September 2011.  I don’t necessarily use it everyday, but I probably should.  Just this week Jaaxy Enterprise was launched so I will be talking a little bit about Jaaxy Enterprise and a little bit about Jaaxy Pro.

Why You May Want To Consider Using Jaaxy

To me what makes Jaaxy so brilliant is the QSR or “Quoted Search Results”.  What this means is the number of true results you get back when you do a search in Google with quotes around them.

screen shot of google showing number of results for a quoted search for jaaxy review

Jaaxy review quoted search results.

Now you can’t just take the number Google initially gives you which I have labeled as “misleading competition” in the image above.  You have to click all the way back to the last page and once you do that you will get the true amount of results for that search phrase.

A screen shot of google showing the last page and the true Quoted search results of jaaxy review.

True QSR

In this case, I know that a quoted search result of 552 can be a little hard for my website’s blog posts and pages to rank for especially since I don’t do hardly any back linking.  The only back linking I might do is write an occasional article on Street Articles.  If I search a similar result in Jaaxy Enterprise I get the following result:

A screen shot showing what Jaaxy lists as the QSR for the keyword Jaaxy review.

Jaaxy Enterprise QSR

Slightly different but not too far off.  Now I was originally going to name the title of my post “My Jaaxy Review”, but after seeing this keyword data and while it’s “OK” I know that I probably won’t get ranked on the first page of Google.

I also know that there are going to be a lot of people targeting the “Jaaxy Review” keyword because of the Wealthy Affiliate boot camp going on and a lot of people will be doing reviews of Jaaxy.

As a result, I’m going to use a different search term.  I’m going to choose “My Jaaxy Opinion”.  I personally like the word opinion better anyways.  The word “review” has a connotation of it being objective.  Let’s face it.  99% of the reviews out there on the internet are either trying to sell people on the product they are reviewing or on an alternative product.  At least with the word opinion people know it’s going to be very subjective.  Let’s see how the results fair for it in Jaaxy:

A screen shot of jaaxy for the keyword Jaaxy opinion

QSR for “Jaaxy Opinion”

Now that’s my kind of keyword!  Absolutley no competition!  Zilch.  Zippo.  Nada.  Google is just screaming for someone to write content for this keyword.  This is going to be a lot easier to rank for than the keyword “Jaaxy Review”.  What’s the number of competing pages according to Google?

Screen shot of google showing results for the quoted search result "Jaaxy opinion"

QSR for “Jaaxy Opinion”

Now would you look at that?!  Google is actually being honest for once, lol.

Are Keywords With Less Than 10 Searches a Waste of Time?

Now a lot of these quoted search results that Jaaxy spits out at you will have less than 10 searches per month, which might throw a lot of people off.  You’re probably thinking “Why should I go through the hassle of making a blog post or writing an article for just 10 searches a month?”  There are two answers to this question:

1)  Getting traffic to your website is a result of cumulative effort.  Let’s say you make a lousy one post a week on your website.  If each of your posts gets ranked on the first page of google at the end of the year you will have 52 posts ranking on the first page of google getting traffic.  You’ll definitely be getting at least a couple of hundred visitors a month.

2)  Writing an article based on a keyword that gets thousands of searches of month is a waste of time if you can never get it to the first page of google.  It will sit on page 58 never getting any traffic because people rarely go past the first page of the search results.  By writing content based off of low competition keywords you know you have a great chance of being ranked.

My Personal Experience From Low Competition Keywords

To illustrate my point on one of my websites about a month ago  I wrote a page about a product.  If I plug the title of the page into Jaaxy, Jaaxy says that the monthly search traffic is 56, I can expect to get 10 visitors to my site if it ranks on the first page of Google and there are 92 competing pages.

When I look at my analytics I find that I actually got 46 visitors from Google to that page.

Another post I made last month according to Jaaxy there are less than 10 monthly searches, I should expect to get less than 10 visitors to my website and there are 35 competing pages.

When I look at my analytics that page received 76 visitors in the last month from google.

What is going on?  Is Jaaxy inaccurate?

I would say Jaaxy is very accurate.  The disparity between the numbers lies in the fact that my page and blog post are ranking for other keyword combinations besides the ones that I was targeting with my blog post/page title.

Very few of the visitors to that page/post came using the exact search term that I was targeting.  A lot of them came using related search terms that I would have never thought of but Google thought my page was still relevant for those search terms.

When I first heard that I should choose keywords based on competition and not the search volume I was very skeptical.  Now that I have seen the traffic I can get from these low-competition keywords I am a complete believer.

Now it’s time to talk about the differences between the membership levels.

What is the difference between Jaaxy Pro and Jaaxy Enterprise?

If you look at the comparison chart and based on my experience using Jaaxy Enterprise so far, the difference between the two is primarily speed and the ability to sort the result columns.

There are a few other things that Jaaxy Enterprise does as well such as automatically check for available domain names, Jaaxy Pro does this as well but you have to click for every single keyword you want to check on domains.  Jaaxy Enterprise does this automatically when it loads the keyword result.

I was a little hesitant to upgrade.  I really didn’t see any point in spending the extra money to save time by not having to click to see the  quoted search results and I don’t buy and resell domains so the domain availability function is of no use to me.  I was happy and content using Jaaxy Pro.

However, being the curious guy that I am I just couldn’t resist the urge to check out Jaaxy Enterprise.  As a result, I upgraded.  Now I’ve only played around with Jaaxy Enterprise for only about an hour at the time of writing this post, but I do notice a huge difference.

As promised the speed in which Jaaxy Enterprise returns results is a lot faster than Jaaxy Pro.  I was really impressed with the Site Rank feature.  That returns results way faster in Jaaxy Enterprise than Jaaxy Pro.

Benefits Of Jaaxy Enterprise:

  • Speed: It’s really fast.  Jaaxy Pro saves you a lot of time over manual keyword research, Jaaxy Enterprise saves you a lot of time over Jaaxy Pro.
  • Makes it super easy to find low competition keywords that are easy to rank for.
  • Ease of Use:  Totally user friendly and makes keyword research fun.

Major Flaw of Jaaxy Pro/Enterprise:

  • It can be a distraction as you you might be tempted to spend a lot more time doing keyword research than actually writing blog posts and articles to utilize those keywords.  This can cut into your productivity if you are not disciplined in your use.
  • It gives you too many keywords!  Ok, this might not be a “flaw” per se because that is what it is designed to do.  However, this can end up being a “problem” for you.  Let me explain:

You might be tempted to buy a bunch of domains since you will be finding a lot of great keywords with Exact Match Domains that are still available to register.  The problem with this is it’s really easy to get carried away and register a bunch of domains.  This will then end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars on domain renewal fees in future years.

You want to keep them because they are great domains and you have great plans for them “next month” or “next year”.  The only problem is you keep renewing them and never work on them.

Trust me I’ve done the last one.  It wasn’t until this year that I started letting go of my domains.  I realized that I wasn’t using them and it was a waste of money to keep renewing them.  Now I am focusing my attention on three domains, one of them being this one.

Selling Domains For a Profit Can Be Easier Said Than Done

Occasionally, I hear Kyle mention that you can sell these domains for a profit.  I will agree that there is a possibility of selling domains for a profit, but that can be easier said than done.

When I was letting go of my domains I decided to sell them on Flippa.  I figured if I was going to let them expire I might as well make some money by selling them.

Now it costs $19 just to list existing domains and $9 to list new websites/domains.  Also, you are required to pay a minimum $10 success fee.  That brings your total cost to sell through flippa to $29 and $19 respectively.  That doesn’t even include any special upgrades you might choose to buy.

When I tried selling my domains the winning bid was $15, so it cost me more money to list my domains than I got for them.  On top of that the person who won the bid didn’t submit payment for the domains, so I had to file a dispute with flippa getting them to nullify the auction that way the person couldn’t claim in the future that I didn’t transfer the domains to them.

While I realize that this is the only time I’ve sold domain names and that I should probably try to sell a few more domains to see if I get similar results, I feel that it is important enough to give you a heads up.  While you can find great domains, it might be harder to sell them for a profit than what people make it seem.

My Overall Opinion of Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a great keyword tool and will definitely help you quickly and easily find keywords you can rank your website for no matter what niche you are in.  Just be sure not to spend all your time researching and I wouldn’t recommend buying a bunch of domains just because they are great domains unless your primary business model is buying and selling domains.  I would stick to just a couple of domains to build out websites on max.  Any more than that you are spreading your focus too thin.

Have you used Jaaxy?  What are your thoughts/opinions?  Leave them in the comments below.  Also, if you want to do a couple of searches you can test out Jaaxy with the widget below.


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  • hernan martin May 12, 2013 @ 14:26

    Hi, my name is hernan martin and I am starting with internet marketing. I downloaded google sniper and the theory is easy. About finding the keyword but it’s not that easy and I am going crazy with google keyword tool. I agree with you, google is not showing the accurate amount of pages competing, you have to go to the end. but then I don’t think google is being that accurate in showing the global monthly searches either. How do I find this out ? I mean if I put “lose fat” with no quotes in google. Is the number under the search bar that I see the actual searches there are for that topic of how do you do it ? Thank you for your article man and your time !

    • Thomas May 15, 2013 @ 2:12

      Hi Hernan!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Yeah, I read a similar manual about sniping and I couldn’t find a keyword to buy a domain around that fit the suggested criteria. It kind of made me wonder if Google made changes to the keyword tool and the manual never got updated.

      The number underneath the search bar is the SUPPOSED number of competing pages. Even when you do a search in quotes you have to keep on clicking to the last page until you get a message that says:

      “In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the “XXX” already displayed…”

      That is going to be your true competing pages.

      I hope this answered your question. If you have any further questions post them and I’ll answer them. 🙂

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