My “Be All, End All” Wealthy Affiliate Review

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Over the years, I’ve reviewed Wealthy Affiliate multiple times.  Each time, it seems that the review turned into a rather long-winded post about different aspects of Wealthy Affiliate.  While these reviews shared great insight into the Wealthy Affiliate platform and history, I feel that they were largely unstructured.

I’ve decided to make this my main review page where you can get a basic understanding of Wealthy Affiliate.  If you would like to read my past reviews and any annual update Wealthy Affilliate reviews, I have posted them to a page where you can access them all.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business training platform that teaches people how to build and market themselves, an existing business, or a new business online.

As their name implies, Wealthy Affiliate has its roots in teaching affiliate marketing, but all of the techniques and concepts that you learn in Wealthy Affiliate can be applied to marketing any type of business online.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

Wealthy Affiliate’s offering can be summed up in three broad categories:

  • Online Business Training
  • Web Hosting
  • Community

Online Business Training

Wealthy Affiliate’s training comes in a couple of different formats.  The different types of training on Wealthy Affiliate include:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses
  • Classes consisting of both live and recorded webinars
  • Member Generated Training

The training itself can come in a variety of different formats that vary from video, to text with screen shots, and a mixture of the two.

Online Entrepreneur Certification course


Online Entrepreneur Course Getting Started Page Screenshot

Wealthy Affiliate has what they refer to as their “Online Entrepreneur Certification” course. This certification course currently consists of five different levels.

Each course will typically have 10 levels with varying amount of tasks for you to complete with around 30-50 tasks per level.  These tasks are actionable items for you to take based off of the content of the lesson.

==>Check Out Course 1 For Free <==

Course 1 gives you an introduction to online business and how money can be made online.  It also walks you through the steps of creating an initial website with WordPress.

Course 2 continues to guide you on how to build out your website by learning how to find relevant content to write about for your website that it will make it easy for you to rank on search engines

Course 3 dives deeper into different ways that you can monetize your website.

Course 4 teaches you how to use social media to market your business online.

Course 5 dives deeper into content creation and learning how to setup a long term content strategy.

Weekly Webinars(Live training/live video classes)

A screen shot of the page showing two Wealthy Affiliate Webinars

Every Friday, Wealthy Affiliate has a weekly webinar which they are now calling “Live Video Classes” or “Live Training”.  They used to actually call them “WAbinars” a few years back, but I’ll just call them webinars for now.

The actual time of the webinar will obviously depend on where you live in the world.  On these webinars, Jay(his username is MagiStudios) covers a variety of topics.

Over the years they have covered many topics.  Just a few topics to mention are niche site case studies, website hotseats, finding keywords, using Youtube, “SEO an article”, social media, landing pages, and the list keeps on going.

These trainings are very useful, especially if you happen to be stuck on that exact topic.  Also, the trainings are recorded, so if you can’t make the training live for some reason you can go back and watch it later.

Recently the amount of classes available has exploded.  Wealthy Affiliate added a new membership tier called Premium+ that gives members access to a lot more live classes.

These live classes are being taught by Wealthy Affiliate members who have generated enough referrals to go to an annual Super Affiliate conference with the Wealthy Affiliate founders Kyle and Carson.  Needless to say, it’s always great to learn from people who know what they’re doing.

==>Check Out The Wealthy Affiliate Webinars<==

Member Generated Training


A screen shot of a popular member generated training

Finally, member generate training is the last broad category of training you will find on Wealthy Affiliate.  WA gives it’s members the opportunities to create their own training within Wealthy Affiliate.

Member training will usually be a tutorial, video, course or a combination of all three, but members also write useful content on their WA blog which is also a source of training.

Tutorials consist of pages of content that you can read through.  Some WA members will also add videos to the tutorials as well.  Videos are just that, videos.  Videos also have a short space for its creator to write some commentary about the video or address questions that other members have asked in the comments.

Finally, courses are similar tutorials, but the share the same structure as WA’s Online Entrepreneur Courses with the main feature being the ability of the creator to add action items that other members will be able to “check off” as they go through the course.

==>Check Out The Member-Generated Training<==

SiteRubix Web Hosting Platform


A screenshot of the SiteRubix homepage

The second major aspect of Wealthy Affiliate is their web hosting platform, SiteRubix.  Over the years they have continually improved and upgraded their web hosting platform to turn it into the well-oiled machine that it is today.

Wealthy Affiliate recognized that the technical aspect of building and hosting a website can be a big stumbling block for a lot of people, so they’ve taken great strides to build a web hosting platform that is both simple to use and powerful.

Over the years, Wealthy Affiliate has made different improvements to SiteRubix by introducing new services and features.  Similar to how Apple puts an “i” in front of their products, Wealthy Affiliate has chosen to put the word “Site” in front of all the services and features that are a part of their SiteRubix web hosting platform.  These services and features include:

==>Get Started Building Your Website With SiteRubix<==


A screen shot of some of the people following Kyle, a founder of Wealthy Affiliate.

The last broad category of things WA has to offer, but certainly not least, is the Wealthy Affiliate community.  The WA community is comprised of tens of thousands(if not hundreds of thousands – no exaggeration) of active premium members.

Over the years, WA has fostered a very active and vibrant community that has a “pay it forward” attitude.  What this means for you is, you’ll be surrounded by a group of people all willing to help you succeed with your online business and willing to provide support when you need it.

There are many different ways for you to communicate with other WA members within the platform:

  • LiveChat:  Yup, WA has a live chat system built right into it.
  • Classrooms:  There are “classrooms” that are dedicated to different topics.  If you have a question about a certain topic you can post to a certain classroom.
  • “Ask A Question”:  This is allows you to ask a question in the system and will be tagged with a little black box alerting other members that you need help.
  • Personal Blog:  Every premium member on Wealthy Affiliate gets their own blog space in their profile on WA.  This is kind of for internal use on WA and is not meant for niche use.
  • Private Message:  There is also a private message system on WA as well.

==>Interact With The Wealthy Affiliate Community!<==

Negative Aspects of Wealthy Affiliate

As much as I like WA there are things that can be improved upon.

SiteEmail Needs To Be More Robust

First, I would say their SiteEmail system can be improved upon.  Let’s just say that they should probably look into trying to filter out the spam and phishing emails a little better.

SiteDomains Doesn’t Offer You Access to DNS Records

If you’re used to managing your own domain DNS records, then you’ll findecond that SiteDomains is very restrictive in what you can personally do.  In fact, the only DNS related function you can do on your own is setup top-level domain forwarding.

You will need to open a SiteSupport ticket for any other DNS records that you need created such as MX records, CNAMES, “A” records, TXT records, etc.  With that being said, SiteSupport is very responsive and usually respond to my tickets in a matter of minutes.

SiteRubix Doesn’t Have a Typical Control Panel

The third thing that takes some getting use to is how restrictive their web hosting platform is.  They outright ban certain plugins(I don’t blame them) and if you are using a lesser known plugin the resources that plugin tries to use, oh let’s say an API, might be blocked by their firewall.

Also, there isn’t a way to access the database on the backend, you pretty much have to access it via WordPress with a plugin.  Even though these things do annoy me, I realize that with a managed WordPress hosting platform these things aren’t unique to SiteRubix.

However, whenever I encountered resources being blocked, all I had to do was open a ticket with SiteSupport and they allowed the IP address.  Obviously, they’re only going allow connections for legitimate plugins and will not allow connections that have a negative impact on their hosting environment.

Positive Aspects of Wealthy Affiliate

Now that you have a general idea of what WA has to offer and what I don’t like about WA, I’m going to tell you what I really like about WA.

A Safe Place To Learn

If you’ve bought any type of internet training or “make money online training” you’ve probably experienced that once you buy one course the person you bought if from kept on emailing you with offers to buy other courses.

It can be easy to purchase them thinking that you will be able to implement all of the techniques in all of the courses, but the reality is that implementing one technique or course can be hard enough not to mention two or three courses and techniques.  To further compound the issue, often times each email contains the “latest and greatest” method of making money online.

From the time I joined Wealthy Affiliate 2009 years ago till now, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate have only promoted one other service that wasn’t included with the premium membership and that is Jaaxy.  They honestly think they have everything that you need to be successful within Wealthy Affiliate and I strongly believe that they can back that claim up.

Furthermore, there isn’t a whole lot of upselling going on.  Recently they did create a new membership tier called Premium Plus which gives you access to more classes.  It is more expensive than what the old premium membership was and is, but you also get a lot of value for the increase in cost.

If you join Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member you don’t have to worry about getting pounded with upsell after upsell and promotion after promotion.  You can simply focus on getting your websites up and running and then learn how to market them with WA’s training.

Constant Improvement

The owners of WA are constantly working to improve the platform.  Whether it’s a new Live Video Training, new member generated training or updates to their core Online Entrepreneur Certification courses, you can be assured that WA stays up to date with the latest trends and happenings that impact the online marketing world and integrate it into the training.

I’ve also watched their web hosting platform, SiteRubix, turn into an excellent place to host your website over the years.  They are constantly updating and improving it to make your website(s) fast and secure.

Unsurpassed Support

Whether you are asking the community a question, venting your frustrations on your WA blog, or submitting a ticket via SiteSupport, the support you receive from the community and the staff behind the scenes of SiteSupport is absolutely incredible.

It’s not uncommon for people to ask questions and get an answer within minutes from other members.  I’ve personally submitted tickets with SiteSupport and have received responses within minutes and never no more than a few hours.

You’d be hard-pressed to find that kind of responsiveness in any other place, period.  End of story.

Final Thoughts

Wealthy Affiliate is a great place for someone who is just starting out to get their online marketing chops.  They will show you step by step how to build and market a website from the ground up.  If you encounter any issues or have any questions the community is always ready to step in and help you out.

If you’ve been in the online marketing game for awhile, but haven’t seen the results that you would like WA still might be a great place for you.  The Online Entrepreneur Course is a great way to have a very structured set of activities to follow in order to improve your website.

If you’re still reading this then you should really give Wealthy Affiliate a test drive and see how you like it.

==>Give Wealthy Affiliate a Test Drive<==

Finally, if you have ANY questions or comments about Wealthy Affiliate, please leave them below and I will gladly respond to them.

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