What Was Google Cash Detective? Google Cash Detective, also known as GCD, was a Google Adwords spy tool that allowed you to spy on the Adwords campaigns of other advertisers.  I also remember being a part of coaching program where they would have training calls that would show you how to effectively use the product. The product’s [...]

Over the years I’ve grown less and less enamored with HostGator, not that I was really enamored with them in the first place(they’re a hosting company after all.)  However, over the years they have done things that just have been slowly pushing me away from them. I would say the beginning of the end of [...]

The world of SSL certs has drastically changed over the past couple of years.  Two of these things that have changed are 1) Google has started using SSL certs as a ranking factor and 2) an organization called Let’s Encrypt has starting giving out free, 90-day, domain-validated(DV) certificates. I believe these two factors combined is [...]

When you are first getting started at affiliate marketing is very easy to fall victim to some common pitfalls.  Here are a few common ones below. Too Much Reading, Not Enough Action One of the most common pitfalls for new affiliate marketers is to think that you have to know and learn everything before you [...]

For most of my life I have never flossed, I would bush my teeth but never floss.  Every time I would go to the dentist the dental hygienist would always get on my case. They would be surprised about how good of shape my teeth were in without flossing, but they would always tell me [...]

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