Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteHealth is an interesting concept.  If you were technically inclined and familiar with web hosting and websites you might think it was some type of monitoring system that monitored your website for up time and would alert you of any issues.  However, WA’s SiteHealth is more of a “best guess” of how you are [...]

SiteBuilder is Wealthy Affiliate’s tool that you use to create both free and premium WordPress websites.  With just four simple steps that take maybe 5 minutes(if you don’t take an hour trying to pick out a theme) you can have a WordPress website up and be ready to start writing and publishing website content. SiteBuilder [...]

SiteDomains is a relatively new addition to Wealthy Affiliate’s suite of “Site” services.  The addition of SiteDomains gives Wealthy Affiliate members a no-hassle, upsell-free way to register and manage domains. …But All I Want Is A Domain If you have ever registered a domain at Godaddy, NameCheap, or any other domain registrar for that matter, [...]

I was checking my email today and noticed an interesting email from Upwork.  As mentioned in my post title, they have implemented a new filtering tool for clients to allow them to only post jobs for people who are verified to be located in the United States. My Thoughts One of my strategies that I [...]

Over the years I’ve grown less and less enamored with HostGator, not that I was really enamored with them in the first place(they’re a hosting company after all.)  However, over the years they have done things that just have been slowly pushing me away from them. I would say the beginning of the end of [...]

SiteSupport is what Wealthy Affiliate calls their support service that deals with SiteRubix hosting issues.  If you’re a premium member you can expect 24/7 support and extremely fast ticket response times.  It’s not uncommon to get a response within a few MINUTES.  I think they have always gotten back to me, at the latest, within [...]

SiteComments is a featured that is built into the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  It gives  premium Wealthy Affiliate members the ability to request comments on any of the pages on their website. It is tightly integrated with Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix web hosting platform, and as such requires members to host their websites on Siterubix should they [...]

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