SitePlus+ is one of many “Site” features of Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting platform which itself is called SiteRubix.  SitePlus+ is currently composed of two different features:  SiteSSL and SiteProtect. SiteSSL is Wealthy Affiliates’s  implementation of free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on SiteRubix.  With a click of a button, Wealthy Affiliate members can install a SSL certificate [...]

For those unfamiliar with Wealthy Affiliate, you may be wondering what SiteRubix is.  SiteRubix is a web hosting platform run by the same company that is behind Wealthy Affiliate.  In this blog post I’m going to give you a little history about SiteRubix and show you what it has evolved into. SiteRubix’s Early Beginnings Back [...]

The world of SSL certs has drastically changed over the past couple of years.  Two of these things that have changed are 1) Google has started using SSL certs as a ranking factor and 2) an organization called Let’s Encrypt has starting giving out free, 90-day, domain-validated(DV) certificates. I believe these two factors combined is [...]

Update:  While this review is still valid in many aspects, there are new features and changes to Wealthy Affiliate.  Follow the link to read my most recent Wealthy Affiliate Review. As with most online reviews for products and services, I’ve noticed that a lot of the reviews of Wealthy Affiliate say that there isn’t any downside or [...]

There are many posts on the internet discussing whether Empower Network is a scam or not.  Usually they argue that Empower Network is a scam due to its recruiting scheme.  In this blog post I will not be discussing the intricacies of whether Empower Network and the way they recruit people is ethical or legal. [...]

Yes, you can use an HSA account at the VA hospital.  This is a relatively new change in the rules and was put into place April of 2013.  There are some restrictions on what you can pay for with your HSA funds. According to the VA Consolidated Patient Account center website you can only use [...]

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