So I really haven’t been too active with internet marketing lately.  Last August I got out of the military and decided to utilize the Post 9/11 GI Bill to go to college, so I’ve been mainly focused on school.  I decided to study business, a BBA in Entrepreneurship to be exact.  To be totally honest, [...]

Jaxxy Holiday Blitz

Well the guys over at Jaxxy are doing a holiday blitz to debut their new Site Rank feature.  It’s ends on December 14th, so sorry about the late notice. What is Site Rank? Basically, Site Rank let’s you type in a URL of your content along with the keyword you are trying to get it [...]

I originally started this blog awhile back in November 2010 after beginning a 30 day club(this has evolved into what is now known as the “Affiliate Bootcamp” with Wealthy Affiliate. Basically, for 30 days I received an email with tasks to accomplish for the day. Needless to say, I never followed through with it and [...]

There are many techniques to making money on the internet, but all of those techniques boil down into two things: advertising products and services so you get visitors to a website and converting those visitors into buying customers.  Pretty simple, huh?  Kind of.  There  are literally thousands of courses online telling you different ways to [...]

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